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Doctor Who: Of What's Left
DW Ten JE sad
Title:  Of What's Left
Fandom:  Doctor Who
Rating: G
Characters: Doctor/Donna
Summary:  He hasn’t touched her side of the bed since she’s been gone.
Category:  Angst
Word Count:  112
Prompt:  #40 - hair [from the Weekly Drabble Challenge at doctor_donna]
Disclaimer: Characters are the property of the BBC.
Author's Notes: Post- Journey's End angst.
Thanks to caz963  for giving it a quick check over.

A month later and all her things are still in his room.  Her toothbrush is still by the sink in the bathroom.  Red hair is still matted in the hairbrush on the dresser.  Her clothes are on the floor.

He hasn’t touched her side of the bed since she’s been gone.  There’s a wrinkle in the covers and a tiny dent in the pillow.

And as the weeks go by he’s afraid he’s beginning to forget what she smells like.

He sleeps on her pillow sometimes, breathing her in and remembering.

But every time he does it just makes it smell more like him.

Finally all that’s left is him.

She’s gone.

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(Deleted comment)
Thank you. ;_; It is that small stuff. This is one of my favourites of everything I've written, I think.

Oh, gorgeous. So simple, and so sad, and I love how you evoke scent as a memory trigger. Poor Doctor. :(

Thank you. Scent is a big one for me as well. Poor Doctor, indeed. :(

Je suis désolée de t'avoir fait pleurer! ;_;

This is heart-breaking, but beautifully realistic at the same time. *sad sigh*

Thank you. I'm glad it felt realistic. :)

(Deleted comment)
I'm glad you felt it was accurate, thank you. I'm sorry about your husband :(

*sob* This and the companion piece are just exquisite, so beautifully brittle. You evoke such clear imagery in so few words, it's art.

Thank you.

Thank you so much, you praise me too highly. But thank you :D

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