For the world is hollow, and I have touched the sky.

Adriana DiVolpe
3 July
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Shall I take back everything I've ever said and live my whole life in silence instead?
Barenaked Ladies, "Maybe You're Right"

Female. 24. Canadian. Lesbian/bisexual/something-there-isn't-quite-a-word-for. Polite and forgiving and deferential. Dreadfully insecure despite my best efforts. Wear t-shirts and jeans and zip-up sweaters. Love the British telly. Come up with 85% of my ideas in bed at 2 am while I'm trying to sleep. Arachnophobe. Bit of a germophobe. Have three pet degus. Need at least three cups of tea a day: orange pekoe, no substitutes. Always take my shoes off in the house. Always put two spaces after a period and one after a comma. Enough useless info? All right. Brb, Doctor Who.

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